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Makita continues to support SARAID in their mission


Makita has a long standing relationship, of over 13 years, with the NGO and British charity Search and Rescue Assistance in Disasters (SARAID). The tools Makita have donated to the team have formed some of the essential kit required to carry out their search and rescue operations.
Over 1.5 tonnes of the latest rescue equipment has accompanied the team including sound and vibration detection equipment and specialised search cameras to help locate trapped victims. Robust Makita reciprocating saws, chainsaws, high performance rotary drills, petrol disc cutters, hammer drills, and grinders are among their armoury which has helped team members tunnel into collapsed buildings and assist victims as quickly as possible in critical time scales.
The team also carries stretchers, medical kit, ropes, generators and satellite communications as well as their own food supplies.
Neil Botley (Construction Area Manager – Makita) commented.... "Many of these highly trained volunteers are experienced in using our equipment in their everyday lives as police officers, fire fighters and civil engineers. They will have undertaken specialist rescue training using techniques that will put our tools to the test. We have updated the machines for this new contract to include our most up-to-date technology including AVT and SJS 2 systems and are proud to continue supporting this great charity."

Gary Francis (SARAID National Director) said...
"On behalf of all the members of SARAID I would like to express my appreciation and thanks for the continued and generous support we have received over the years from Makita, not only in the supply of their outstanding and reliable power tools but also with the technical assistance and training they have given to team members to ensure that we get the very best out of their tools when working in extremely hostile conditions and enabling us to continue to save the lives of people affected by natural disasters around the world.

Members of SARAID are unpaid and have used holiday entitlement to allow them to deploy to Nepal. The team is fully recognised and registered as an Urban Search & Rescue team with the United Nations and the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group. The charity is funded solely by public donations and is on call 365 days a year to provide assistance, free of charge, to any country in need of their help.

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