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So far at SimEx 2017

Well it's all started for the Portsmouth Simex. Early this morning the team leader received a message that there had been an earthquake measuring 7.1 (RS) in the fictional country of Drachir at 02:00 (local) on 8 May 2017.

The initial quake with an estimated depth of 10km and a series of powerful aftershocks have caused extensive damage in Drahcir and along the associated fault line stretching into the neighbouring countries of Mas and Nemrac. There are increasing reports of significant damage to buildings and infrastructure. The local responders are working hard but are becoming increasingly challenged by the magnitude of the event. Urgent requests for international assistance have been received from all three affected countries.

The SARAID team members are now busy packing and preparing equipment and will be making their way to the team Rendezvous location to meet up with colleagues from our partner team @Fire from Germany, who will be joining with the SARAID team to respond to this request.

More info to follow as things develop

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