Who we are

The Avon Community Resilience Team is a trained group of volunteers drawn from all sections of our diverse community. Our members have a wide range of backgrounds and skillsets but each team member shares a common purpose - to assist their wider community if called upon in times of need.  As we liaise with and assist First Responders, team members are trained by all three of the main emergency services and have a good understanding of command & control at incidents and what would be expected of them.

What we do

Our main role is to support the Emergency Services and Local Authority in their response to emergencies and major incidents.In a serious situation we could be asked to do just about anything, from helping to open a rest centre and make cups of tea right through to helping search for a missing person. That means our training has to reflect this and be broad ranging. Our team members are trained in First Aid, Communications, Navigation, Water Rescue, Lowland Search, Fire Safety and Crime Prevention to name but a few. Community is a big part of what we do and we can be asked to get involved in other beneficial projects such as clearing hoarders houses, cleaning up after fires and floods, attending community events, etc

Come along to one of our 'Open' events.

Meet the Team Leaders, ask questions and find out more about our plans. There are several events coming up in Bristol held in evenings or at weekends.

Why we do what we do

Community resilience is a measure of the sustained ability of a community to utilise available resources to respond to, withstand, and recover from adverse situations.


Whether it's providing fire safety advice, smoke alarm checks, crime prevention advice or being part of the planning process for…


We're ready to assist the Emergency Services when they call upon us to support them with severe weather events, flooding,…


A key part of our role is strengthening the bonds between community residents and the Emergency Services. Being a link…

Being prepared

Community resilience is about communities using local resources and knowledge to help themselves during an emergency in a way that…

Helping the vulnerable

In an emergency such as a fire, flood or snow we work with partner organisations across Avon to identify people…

Building a strong community

Our aim is to build a team that is truly representative of the diversity that makes Avon the culturally rich…

Our team is made of people like you

Without people from our community working for our community none of this could happen

Are you community-minded and want to get more actively involved in the Avon area?

If you're community minded then the CRT would be perfect for you and we'd very much welcome you. You know your community best. When an event occurs that can have an impact on where you live and affect the day-to-day lives of  your family and friends for a short period, then it's very important that people like you are there to help get things back on track. You can be a link between your locality, the emergency services and local authority whilst helping out with a variety of tasks that can range from response to floods or major weather events - to making cups of tea at a night shelter or talking to people at community events about fire safety or crime prevention.

Do you want to add new skills & experiences to your CV?

Our work is quite varied. Our volunteers gain a lot of experience going about their work and liaise with some pretty interesting people and organisations along the way. We have close ties with the blue light services, local authority as well as other organisations in similar fields. As part of their training, our volunteers are given the opportunity to work with our international search and rescue team (S.A.R.A.I.D), the fire service, police and paramedics. Training is broad ranging and includes skills that can be transferred both to the workplace and to everyday life.

Want to inspire others?

Volunteering definitely brings its own rewards. Some of us have been volunteering for various organisations for years and come from a wide range of backgrounds. There are some common answers when volunteers are asked what they get from it. Some say that they just like to help others; some that it has helped them with depression or stress; others say that it has given them confidence; or that 'helping others helped me'. There are all kinds of reasons why we do it.  One thing that is shared in high number amongst volunteers is that they were inspired to get involved. Whether it was chatting to a mate, seeing someone interviewed in the media or reading about it in the press. It could be that they were present at a presentation or talk in the community; maybe they were directly affected by our work.

You probably won't be aware of it as you go about your work, but by volunteering with Avon Community Resilience Team you will be inspiring people and showing them how volunteering can really make a difference – to their own lives and others.

Ex-armed forces?

Whether you have recently left the armed forces or whether it's been some time, we know you have the skills and attributes that are well suited to our organisation. We fully appreciate that your experience can help us with some key elements of our work and we are very open to knowledge sharing. In return we can offer new training and development opportunities that can help with a transition to a new career, sharpen existing skills and just be a place that provides good banter and camaraderie. Get in touch today, we'd love to hear from you.

Ex-Emergency Services?

Similarly to those that have left the armed forces, we know you have the skills and attributes that are well suited to our organisation. We have close ties with the emergency services in Avon and we know there are mutual benefits for both us and ex emergency services personnel in being part of the same team. We fully appreciate that your experience can help us with some key elements of our work and we are very open to knowledge sharing. In return we can offer new training and development opportunities that can help with a transition to a new career, sharpen existing skills and just be a place where you can still 'keep your hand in' with some of the more fulfilling aspects from your career in the emergency services.

Looking to start a career in the Emergency Services or Armed Forces?

We have close ties with the emergency services in Avon and some of our existing members are ex armed forces personnel. We can offer training and development opportunities as well as practical experience that can help those looking to join the blue light services or armed forces. As part of the team you will have the opportunity to work alongside people who have a great deal of experience in the field. Our remit is to help support the emergency services in Avon and that means we work with them regularly and often giving you ample opportunity to gain key insights.

Long-term unemployed?

We understand that being long-term unemployed is frustrating, confidence-sapping, stressful and hard work in itself. Being part of our team doesn't mean that you are 'free labour' in any sense, we are all volunteers. There are however benefits to you if you are trying to get a job. If you are a volunteer with us, you will not only get access to training and experiences that all help with your CV, but you will also enjoy working with a wide variety of personalities from all backgrounds that can give you advice or even introduce you to employment opportunities. Putting all that aside, we all benefit from the confidence boost and the rewarding feelings attributed to our work. Get in touch with us today, it would be great to hear from you.

Recently retired and want something to 'fill the gap'?

If you are recently retired and looking for something rewarding and interesting that can 'fill the gap' left by  work then look no further! You have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we treasure and you can be a valuable asset to our organisation as we go about our work. We'd really value your input no matter what your background or skillset is, life experience is just as important in our work as a Masters Degree.

In return you can benefit from that feeling of satisfaction that we all get after a good days work, a sense of purpose and accomplishment, new experiences and a wider circle of friends and colleagues.

We are part of S.A.R.A.I.D, the international Urban Search & Rescue Team.
Working in partnership:

Why do we collect this info?
None of the information you give below will exclude you from joining our team, we use it to get to know you and also to collect demographic data in order that we can ensure our team is representative of our community. Please note that your information is not passed to third parties and is only used by S.A.R.A.I.D for matters relating to the Community Resilience Team. Your contact details may be used in order to let you know about events we have coming up such as open days or community-based events. You must be over 18 years of age to join our team and, although there is no upper age limit, you must be in reasonable health. When attending an event such as an Open Day there may be a photographer present capturing images for publicity purposes. If you do not want to appear in any photographs then please let a member of the CRT management team know on the day.

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