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Search and Rescue Assistance in Disasters
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We urgently need donations

We have kind supporters that offer discounts to our members or their services free of charge but we urgently need financial donations to continue our work.

Your donation is not diluted as we have no employees and we do not spend on advertising. Every penny is spent in our efforts to help those who need us

 Thank you

SARAID Team up with Search and Rescue from Brazil

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Support Us

If you'd like to donate you can do so using any of the options below. We REALLY appreciate your support.


On average, charities in the UK spend between 15p and 25p to raise every new £1. The easiest way to donate is via our JustGiving page...

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Help support our work, text USAR11 £5 to 70070. Maximum of £10

GiftAid it

Please don't forget to tick the GiftAid box so we can get some extra money from the Tax Man...

Search & Rescue need your help: Please donate now

Are you a decision maker in your business? We'd appreciate it if you gave serious consideration to promoting our charity within your business with a view to raising funds.

Thank you

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JustGiving provides a simple and straightforward way of donating to SARAID.

Whether you want to kindly give us a one-off donation, set up a regular Direct Debit or even set up your own JustGiving page on behalf of SARAID - you can now do it with ease.
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  • On June 20th 2015 you have the chance of abseiling down a 128ft tower while raising money for charity. The Peel Tower, just north of Bury, Lancashire is a famous landmark and the views from the top of the tower are amazing.

    All we ask is that people raise money via fundraising for the chance to fulfil your dream, all money raised will go to supporting our volunteers during a deployment.

    For all the information about this amazing opportunity please click here.


A technicians journal entry of this mission as well as a summary of our work.

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